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Welcome to the new website of ambas Real Estate GmbH! Our company, formerly known as iMallinvest Europe GmbH, will from now on operate under its new name. The entire ambas team looks forward to continuing our trustful cooperation and to deepening our established business partnerships with you under our new branding.

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The Essence of Our Rebranding

As a dedicated retail investment and asset management advisory firm, ambas continues to advise owners and developers of modern retail properties and mixed-use assets. 

Our key task is to exchange messages and keeping the parties engaged at the negotiating table until all solutions have been established so that the deal can be sealed.

The three aeroplanes in the new ambas logo stand for our company values, which are trust, courage and team.

There have been no changes to the team composition or shareholder structure.

In our typical service mandates, we serve as intermediaries between principals, which requires a great deal of diplomacy and negotiating skills on top of a high level of professional competence and sector specialist know-how.

Our new company name arises from that activity. The term ambas stems from the Romance language and expresses the core concept of being an ambassador or diplomat.

Under the new branding we will continue to grow our highly committed ambas team and plan to recruit further staff in the course of this year.

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